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Kings Mountain, NC

Details about Funeral Services and Aquamation in Kings Mountain, NC

Planning a funeral means that you must face a variety of decisions about the way your loved one will be laid to rest. Too often, families assume that there is a specific plan that needs to be followed for funeral services. But our funeral home takes a different approach: we believe that everyone deserves a unique, personalized event in their honor. So, we provide customized solutions for funeral and aquamation in Kings Mountain, NC.

If you want a traditional funeral, then we are here to assist with every detail that is needed – before and after the event. We also have families reach out who prefer unique services, such as honoring life, Veterans services, or aquamation. We work hard to honor the needs and preferences of each family. You can rest assured knowing that your wishes and requests will be supported when you are working with our caring funeral home.

How it Works: Aquamation in Kings Mountain, NC

Are you looking for a way to minimize the environmental impact of laying someone to rest? A burial can leave unnatural chemicals and materials in the ground. Cremation seems like a better solution, but this flame-based treatment still uses fossil fuels and leaves pollution in the environment. An alternative solution is to use aquamation to break down the organic compounds naturally and safely.

Aquamations return the organic compounds to nature without adding to the environmental impact of the services. The official name for this service is “alkaline hydrolysis.” This process is gentle. It uses water, temperature, and alkalinity in the treatment to mimic the natural processes that occur when a body is buried in soil.

Like cremation, the remains that are left after the service is complete are the inorganic materials found in the bones. When aquamation is complete, then the bones are processed into a fine powder so the ashes can be delivered to the family. This bone processing is the exact same service used after flame cremation.

Here are some of the reasons why families choose aquamation instead of burial or cremation:

  • Up to 20 – 30% more ashes
  • As much as 90% energy savings compared to cremation using heat
  • Eliminate emissions that cause pollution
  • No need to burn fossil fuels

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for environmental solutions or you prefer a natural, unique way to lay someone to rest, aquamation is a service that can be used for families from all cultures and backgrounds. Additionally, our team is proud to offer aquamation services for family pets as well.

Full-Service Funeral Solutions

As you are considering your options for funeral and aquamation in Kings Mountain, NC, keep in mind that our team provides a complete range of solutions for your family. We are dedicated to customized, personalized care to match your unique requests and needs.

Every time a family contacts us for funeral planning services, we encourage them to learn about available services and solutions. Through this process, you will feel empowered to choose the funeral package that fits your needs. Then, our team provides a full-service approach to take care of every detail of the event. When you are working with an experienced team like ours, you will find that your stress is reduced and you will be satisfied with the outcome of the event.

For example, we have experience with traditional burial and funeral services. Our team can assist with event coordination for large gatherings, or we can help if you want to keep it simple. Another option is to choose alternative services, such as aquamation or a memorial, then hand-pick the add-on services to build your unique plan. Choosing aquamation doesn’t eliminate your options to have a viewing, funeral, or burial. This step is simply the way the body is laid to rest. After aquamation is complete, you can keep the ashes in a memorial urn, scatter them, or place these ashes in a family burial plot.

When to Contact Our Funeral Home

Families often wonder when it’s the right time to contact our funeral home for services. We are always here to assist, regardless of the timing of your upcoming event. Our systematic approach for funeral planning gives families the benefit of working in a proven process for last-minute funeral services.

Another option is to coordinate funeral services on your preferred timeline if you are preparing for an upcoming event. Families can reach out if they know that an event will be held in a few weeks or months. Or, we often work with individuals who want to finalize preplanning for an unknown timeline in the future.

Our team can help with everything you need for funeral and aquamation in Kings Mountain, NC. Reach out at your convenience if you’d like to learn more about the quality services that are offered. 

Funeral & Cremation FAQs

How Much is Funeral Service in North Carolina?

In North Carolina you need to prepare most likely $7,750 for a traditional funeral service. Inclusions are embalming, basic services, transportation of remains, and the casket. Other costs more depending on the requirements for desired funeral. Learn More.

How Much is Cremation in North Carolina?

The average cremation costs in North Carolina will cost starting from $700 for a simple cremation. Some cremation services in North Carolina can cost you around $3,500 depending on the cremation inclusions and requirements. About Funeral Service.

How Long Does Cremation Take in North Carolina?

The cremation process in North Carolina takes between two to two and a half hours for a grown sized adult. The heavier the deceased the longer the cremation process will take. Learn more about cremation.